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Piotr Agassi Chajkowski – prezydentem fundacji CPT na świecie

casino para todos prezydent piotr agassiZ dumą informujemy, że nasz nauczyciel i założyciel szkoły (Piotr „Agassi” Chajkowski) uzyskał awans i obejmuje stanowisko Prezydenta międzynarodowej fundacji Casino Para Todos.

Gratulujemy i życzymy sukcesów w dalszym krzewieniu i rozwijaniu koncepcji tradycyjnego, socjalnego tańca na Kubie. 

Tekst oryginalny: 

2016 Resolution 1. To establish „Casino Para Todos” in Cuba.
Starting this April, the township of Jagüey Grande located in Matanzas Cuba will become the Capital of the International Movement Casino Para Todos. International headquarters (outside of Cuba) will move from Miami Beach, USA to Poland under the presidency of Piotr Agassi Chajkowski. He will share administrative responsibilities and methodological & technical supervision with Ramses Sariol from Spain, Shoko Tsukahara from Japan, and Akiko Meguro from USA. Regional vice-presidents will be announced during the month of February. This term will serve as a preliminary plan for a period of 2 years, depending on its outcome, it will be extended on the basis of a presidential term lasting 4 years, with the possibility of re-eleccion for an electoral cycle of 2 additional years, including the board of directors. Results from this tentative plan will be evaluated by december 2019, at which point a definitive plan will be established as our modus operandi.
Stocks for „Fundación Casino Para Todos, Corp.” will be available this year for purchase with corresponding stock certificates (up to 49% actions), including all foundation’s projects and copyrighted intellectual assets. Net worth details will be made publicly available, interested investors can request a personalized package.
The new board of directors, along with general rules and regulations and Foundation’s bylaws will be announced between the months of February and March of this year. Reforms for membership requirements, certifications, and public accreditations will also be published in this time frame.
Authorship and intellectual copyrights of Método del Cuadro del Casino and its derivative products and methodologies will be under the sole proprietorship of founder Yoel Marrero. He will retire from his role of director to that of proprietor with 51% of stock shares. In his new role he will represent CPT in Cuba and exhaustively develop the „Movimiento Casino para Todos” in the country.
Details regarding „Proyecto Casino Para Todos” in Cuba, including all affiliated products and projects, and future plans and policies will be made available to MCC members. Applicants that belong to the „Casino Para Todos” circle of trust will also be granted access to this information.
January 2017 will mark the celebration of the First World Congress Casino Para Todos of Cuban Social Dances. The congress will be a held in Jagüey Grande and last a period of 10 days. Several workshops and presentations will be running from Jan. 5 to Jan. 15. They will cover requisites and provide training for MCC Gold Certification. We will also host community activities, social dances, and competitions designed to promote and develop the movement nationally and world wide; setting new technical references and examples for those involved, and interested observers.
The township of Jagüey Grande has been established as the World Capital of Casino Para Todos due to its accesibility and cultural potential, and to honor its historical merit as a cultural hub for generations of student interns from all over the country (Escuelas al Campo). After social clubs traditionally used for popular dancing had been shut down, Jagüey Grande provided an ideal playground where Casino dancing flourished and evolved, allowing for the conservation, development, and tecnical optimization of this distinctive dance as part of a contemporary national identity. Born from Jagüey Grande, Yoel Marrero is the creator of Método Del Cuadro Del Casino, the only methodology and choreographic characterization of Casino and related dances that is systematic and scientific. A method that has been proven to be replicable to high standards of technical rigor in over 33 countries around the world. Author of the well-known MCC, he will return to reside in Cuba commencing on April 2016 under the repatriation plan instituted by Cuban migratory reforms. His goal is to develop MCC in Cuba and establish it as a feasible path in returning to the Cuban people their role in the market of Cuban social dances and education, nationally and internationally. This will also rectify the antropological erosion of Cuban culture and national identity that has plagued the cultural industry under unscrupulous comercial profiteering. This project is part of Yoel Marrero’s commitment to fomenting personal and professional developmental opportunities in Cuba, and opportunities created through sound intellectual values and proper accreditation and that are feasible rebuilding the country as a 1st World Nation in the next 50 years. “To convert Cuba in the Japan of the Caribbean, and not another Puerto Rico is the only legitimate option for those of us that really love Cuba and are proud of their heritage, a heritage forged with the sweat of a whole country and the blood of 500 years of war to reach sovereignity and independnce,” is Yoel’s mission.
The International Congress for All in Jagüey Grande has multiple objectives. It will establish Jagüey Grande in the world map as a cultural center of Cuban social dances, a community deserving of international recognition as a must-visit cultural destination due to its education, culture, good manners, and social etiquette. Jagüey Grande will become a model community within the next few years to demonstrates the importance and value of community rebuilding for the betterment of humanity by all and for all.
During 2017 we will celebrate several training workshops and local accreditations. Events will be conducted in the first 10 days of April, May, June, July. August, and September. Information on all worsksops, programs, transportation, room & board, educational material, and fees will be published on Facebook under EVENTS in the „Fundación Casino Para Todos” profile page. Information can also be obtained via direct inquiry to Yoel Marrero: yoel_marrero@hotmail.com, or alcadejagueygrande@nauta.cu.
The main objective of these training workshops is to prepare all participants for the congress and offer methodological supplements to instructors and social dancers.
We will also be offering personalized and intensive training to CPT members in Jagüey Grande and Miami Beach by Yoel Marrero.
Contact in Cuba de Yoel Marrero starting April 5, 2016:
Phone 53-5520-5195
Email alcaldejagueygrande@nauta.com
General contact info outside of Cuba:
Miami Beach Phone: 1-786-970-9551
Email yoel_marrero@hotmail.com
People interesting in making donations to Proyecto “Jaguey Grande” can contact Yoel Marrero using information above